Studies show that playing a musical instrument improves the brain. Piano lessons develop many different skills: hand-eye-coordination, memory, math skills, literacy skills, listening skills, and fine motor skills. It is my aim to provide students of all backgrounds and abilities with this valuable component of a holistic education. It is my firm belief that when learning a musical instrument, commitment, effort, and diligent practice, in combination with quality guidance, far outweigh intrinsic “talent.”

I am convinced that doubting or belittling students does not facilitate learning. I endeavor to balance high expectations with regular encouragement.

A teacher’s excitement about music is contagious, and piano lessons should cultivate an enjoyment of music. Establishing a friendly, encouraging atmosphere will motivate students to ask questions and take risks that will facilitate learning. I aim to be respected as a teacher and trusted as a friend.

I firmly believe in technique with a purpose. The ultimate goal of every learning experience is to advance the student’s ability to communicate convincingly through music. I strive to produce well-rounded musicians by incorporating aural skills and music theory. In order to facilitate the long-term enjoyment of music, I place a strong emphasis on reading skills. Additionally, if the student goes on to pursue a musical career, sight-reading will prove invaluable!

As is the standard in the field, I require memorization for any solo public performances. I may also require students to memorize other repertoire during the semester in order to practice memorization skills and strategies. I provide regular performance opportunities in order to reinforce this crucial aspect of being a musician and to allow parents to observe progress.

I strongly encourage parents to participate in their children’s piano education. Support at home is crucial and some parental involvement in practicing is recommended. Parents are encouraged to quietly observe lessons. I promote open communication with parents.