As you might recall from Part 1, there are 3 steps to performing in a concert. Now that we’ve covered the practicing and the practicing performing, it’s time to actually perform.

How do we deal with those annoying butterflies in our stomachs and play as well as ever?

There’s no magic trick, but here are a few suggestions when preparing to perform.

1) Try holding a high-power pose for 2 minutes before your performance

Research shows that this increases risk tolerance, lowers cortisol levels, and increases testosterone levels, configuring your brain to be assertive, confident, and comfortable.

2) Breath and take your time.

It feels much longer to you than it does to the audience. One of my piano teachers once told me a story about how she totally blanked on the beginning of her piece. She was sitting there for a long time franticly trying to remember. Finally it came to her, and she played fine. Afterward, someone complemented her on the time she took before beginning and what a peaceful mood it set for the performance. Go figure.

On Stage_Image1

3) Imagine yourself where you feel the most comfortable.

Where do you enjoy playing/singing? Don’t even let yourself think about the audience.

4) Focus on the roadmap you prepared for your brain ahead of time.

It’s harder to get distracted if you know exactly what you should be thinking.

5) Have fun making music!

If you’re focused on enjoying music-making, this will reflect in your playing. After a very nice performance one of my students commented on the fact that it went well because he was just thinking about the music and having fun. That’s the point, right? We’re sharing a gift with our audiences. Let’s not lose sight of that.

Happy performing!! Any other strategies for ensuring a successful performance? Scroll down and share your tips!

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