Portrait 3

Melody has been playing piano since she was 8. In 2017 she graduated from Ithaca College with a bachelor of music in performance. She loves children, teaching, designing, and making music.

Melody began teaching piano in 2005 and currently runs her own private piano studio in Ithaca. Her goal is to bless her students with more than just a piano education. She hopes that through taking piano lessons, her students will develop confidence, discover the beauty of music, become self-disciplined and responsible, and learn to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives.

Melody’s first student was her brother Jason. She taught him for about 8 years, until she started college, and he continued thriving as he carried on his music education at Opus Ithaca School of Music with Melody’s former teacher, Dr. Andrea Merrill. Melody’s studio gradually expanded as she started working with her cousins and then friends and acquaintances. In college, she also taught through the piano teaching intern program (TIPS) at Ithaca College under the supervision of Dr. Deborah Martin and Dr. Laura Amoriello.

Through her private studio during college, Melody had the privilege to work with a wonderful young student with cerebral palsy. She hopes to continue to use music lessons to serve other children with special needs.

Melody has also been interested in design from a young age, using her abilities to create promotional materials for family projects and events. During high school she designed the program for a professional ballet performance. She has also designed two websites.

She enjoys working for causes bigger than herself, so you will often find her working to promote social justice and speaking up for the voiceless.

Melody’s mom is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, so Melody grew up speaking Spanish and English. She has also studied a bit of Italian.

If she is not teaching piano, practicing, or lesson planning, you will probably find her spending time with family or friends.