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Melody is a piano performance major. She attends Ithaca College, where she studies under Dr. Jennifer Hayghe.Learn More
Melody ran her own studio until she started college. Now she teaches through the TIPS program at Ithaca College.Learn More
Melody has a vision for creating excellent and easily accessible music resources for teaching and practicing.Learn More


Melody Zimmerman is an outstanding piano teacher. She began teaching my daughter, Sarah, when she was 8 years old, and after 4 years of lessons, I am extremely pleased with how well Sarah both plays the piano and loves making music. Melody makes learning piano fun and interesting for children, gives gentle correction and encouragement, and develops a sense of accomplishment. Her teaching style is the perfect balance of friendly and fun, yet very professional. She sets high expectations and inspires her students through her own love of music. I would highly recommend Melody to any student fortunate enough to work with her.
Julie J, mother of 1 student
Melody was a great teacher. She was willing to help me when I was struggling with a piece, and she always made lessons fun. Melody expected me to practice persistently and have my pieces memorized and up to tempo before performances. It was a bitter sweet moment when I left Melody to go to her teacher, Andrea Merrill.
Jason Z, student
Melody has been a wonderful piano teacher for our son over the last two years. She’s talented, dedicated and enthusiastic. We feel that our son is receiving a strong musical foundation thanks to Melody.
Andrea L, mother of 1 student

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Melody's goal for this blog is to share her unique perspective on studying music. As both a student and teacher herself, and as someone who just recently transitioned from private piano instruction to a college music program, she has a special angle on the topic of music education. She intends to share what she has learned about work ethic, practicing, expectations, additional skills to cover in private teaching, and more.

She hopes her humble thoughts will help both students and teachers as they pursue improvement.

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  • On the Spot: Czerny and the Role of Improvisation in Classical Piano Education

On the Spot: Czerny and the Role of Improvisation in Classical Piano Education

May 20, 2015|0 Comments

Thank you so much for your patience as I finished up a busy semester! As my first post back, I thought I’d share one of the things I was up to while I was gone. Below you’ll find my music history research paper. It’s kind of long for a blog post, so I’ve included an abstract too. Enjoy!

Throughout his career as a piano instructor, Carl Czerny emphasized teaching improvisation, an art that may have contributed to the harmonic understanding, technical development, and musical memory of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century pianists. Improvising publicly was common practice during Czerny’s life. His treatise on […]

  • Notes or Music

Notes or Music?

March 22, 2015|0 Comments

Since I’m super busy and I was unable over break to write enough blog posts for the entire semester, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to post something different today. Someone shared this video with me as a good reminder that every single note we play should have character. It’s also really funny. Enjoy!

View on Youtube at this link.

So let’s not just play notes, let’s make music. Please share your responses in the comments section!

Photo Credits: “Finger face with a question” by Tsahi Levent-Levi. CC BY 2.0 Text added to original.| Derivative of “Music sculpture” by Ruth Ellison. CC BY-NC-ND […]